Experience with patent related procedures

Dirk van Buren vanBuren Patent ManagementIn 1981 Mr. Van Buren had his first experience with patent procedures at NV Philips in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. After eleven years, he became Head of the Patent Administration Department at NV Organon in Oss. There he gained knowledge of all formal- and administrative procedures and led a team of four other employees. At this job Dirk learned all aspects of administrative and formal procedures, whether it was monitoring due dates, tax maintenance, accounting or any kind of patent submissions. At NV Organon he also digitalized the entire cards administration and replaced it with a modern patent data administration system.

Because he became an expert in all administrative- and formal patent work, it was also possible for him to build up a new administration system within the Patent department of Intervet International BV in Boxmeer, The Netherlands in 2002. At that time, Intervet had the need for its own IP department. Dirk considered it a huge challenge to build up his own administration with his overall knowledge and at his own discretion. Together with the software vendor, he expanded the patent registration system at Intervet based on the company’s needs. This made it a complete system that all employees in the IP department work with daily.

Dirk still does all administrative and formal work every day; however no longer as employee but as independent entrepreneur